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Hello weku community.

In the Zeal community we strive to reward good content on a daily basis, this is a summary of the best posts of the day, as well as a list of all the posts curated by our team on the 16th of October 2018


Post 1

Curator: @dariuska2008

Author: @claudiajmr

Y Sherk... ¿Verdaderamente existió?.

“Estoy segura que todos alguna vez nos hemos encontrado en internet algo que no es totalmente certero ya que a todas estas no hay quien lo afirme o no.” read more here.

Post 2

Curator: @amar

Author: @chidiebere

Renal glucosuria; Sugar In the urine but not in the blood (A possible indicator of chronic kidney disease in glomerular diseases).


"Glucosuria also called Glycosuria, simply means presence of sugar in the urine. Under normal circumstances, sugar, even though filtered freely from the blood by the kidneys, doesn't appear in the urine. This is because, the proximal tubules of the kidneys avidly reabsorbs the filtered load of sugar." read more here.

Post 3

Curator: @daddywilliam

Author: @broncofan99

Ozobots: Bringing programming into the classroom.


"This spring I attended a workshop called Math and Robots. I have to say it was one of the best workshops I have been to in a very long time. It was an afterschool workshop so I rushed over to the teacher's education centre. That’s right, our school has one of those. Basically, the school board turned an old high school into a place where teacher workshops and conferences can be held. It is a great facility and a much better use of the space than just closing it down. The workshop was provided by the teachers union through the school board. It was the first workshop that many of us had attended all year because there had been a freeze on workshops due to budget issues." read more here.

Post 4

Curator: @sunnylife

Author: @denmarkguy

Blogging, Working, and the Realities of Life!.


"How often does this happen to you:

You have something to "mean to" get done, and it's on your list of things to do... and by the time you finally find a few minutes of open time in your schedule, it's already 11:30pm at night and you just don't "feel it" anymore... so whatever it is ends up rolling forward to the next day." read more here.

Post 5

Curator: @kimi

Author: @felt.buzz

"The Girl With The Strawberry Breath" a short story.


The Girl With The Strawberry Breath, is a short story I wrote yesterday. It was first published on my steemit blog read more here.

Post 6

Curator: @samic

Author: @snook

Orange Scones~What I do at 2 am..


"Once upon a time...Well, last night at about 2 am... I decided that I wanted biscuits. Most people at this time of night would just shrug their shoulders and tell themselves 'Oh well, so sad' or roll over and go back to sleep." read more here.

Post 7

Curator: @drigweeu

Author: @royaltiesboss



"It was a year and eight months ago today that Steve saw her as he was stepping out of the grocery shop, tall, gorgeous, and beautifully beautiful in a mesmerizing way, instantly he was swallowed by her aura, and that smile she had nailed him. That was the moment that turned his life around, at that very moment he was ready to do anything to have her, it was love at first sight." read more here.

Post 8

Curator: @amar

Author: @bekky



"At this junction, I must warn that as our goals are time-bound so also is our desire. For example, when you are in the secondary school, one of your major goals is to gain admission into university and study the course of your choice. As soon as you gain admission, your goals are going to change to something else like finishing your programme in record time with first class. As your goals are changing with time and developments so also your desire must be times related. Your desires must grow in the right proportion, both in strength and magnitude, with your goals." read more here.

Post 9

Curator: @daddywilliam

Author: @whel

Original Arts 03: Round landscape Painting.


"Hello my fellow wekuians!

I would like to share today about acrylic landscape round painting. I hope you would love it. This is my original landscape painting. It takes only 45 minutes to finish this painting.

Learning how to paint can be entertaining and exciting. you can probably use a little help with technique When you're just getting started.
and that is why painting tutorials are so useful. Making it easier to paint." read more here.

Post 10

Curator: @Dariuska2008

Author: @flori

Beneficios de escribir en un blog.


"Hay una característica que tienen los blogs que no la consigues mucho fuera del mundo del internet, y es que nos permite conseguir personas afines que compartan lo que pensamos de una manera casi perfecta." read more here.

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@bastet-catAsombrosos eventos: ABANDONADO EN UN CONTENEDOR DE BASURA ( Y, ¿que paso con la compasión?)
@nkdkDietas para perder peso y drogas sexuales

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