The smartphone is coming in the market

27 days ago

DJ Cell, chief of Samsung's mobile phone division, said that the right time to create and market a foldable smartphone is right now. Since this comment, it has been speculated that the Samsung-bent phone phone is going to be released in the market. In an interview with CNBC, DJ Koh said that Samsung's consumer demand research revealed that there is a demand for bending phone market.
There are rumors in the market that multiple phone-maker manufacturers are making sets with flexible screens. These set screens can be divided into two parts without any folds in the middle of the screen. However, Samsung has said it still has no information to say about it.
CNBC said DJ Technology said that while technology development is critical for creating flexible phones capable of folding, Samsung has been able to develop almost the ultimate level of technology. But he said that before leaving a flexible smartphone market, there is a clear idea about the purpose and demand of the device. Koh said that if a new smartphone is available on a normal phone, then why would people buy this new device? According to him - every device, every feature of the machine, every new discovery has to be meaningful to the customer. Huawei is one of the main competitors of Samsung's mobile phone set market.
Huawei has topped Apple in July, the world's second largest smartphone sales company, in July.

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The smartphone is already in the market since years. Your title does not fit to the info. Is this what people call clickbait?