Play it out

2 months ago

Making news lately is a Denver player, who is not letting the clock run out in a game. Murray scored 48 on the night and took a last second 3 in a attempt to break 50. The Celtics went crazy, but do the have a right. The game goes for 4 quarters whether you are winning or losing . If you don't like it play defense, but because you gave up doesn't mean they have to. The fans paid for a ticket, and the ticket didn't say NBA game 3.5 to 4 quarters of action. You owe it to the fans to play out, it is your job. I also understand that if the game is a blow out you don't want to get your stars hurt. Then put in your bench to finish out the game. Also I have seen 2 games in my life come back from double digit deficits. One was Tracy Mcgrady and the other was when Reggie Miller did it. Took them less than a minute so finish out the game or stop whining. kyrie-celtics-lead-injury.jpg

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