Guide to Creating a Whaleshares Account

3 months ago


Ladies and gentlemen, this evening I want to tell you about WhaleShares. WhaleShares is not only a token, but also a community of people. This token has its own value. Their ability is that you can change them to whale voting for the posts you choose. Whaleshares is a cutting-edge creation of officialfuzzy a man who created the system to give Minnows a gift and this idea is ready to truly challenge the community that belongs to the same blockchain system.

Other advantages of Whaleshares are:

  1. This is also a community.
  2. You can get more than what you pay for. With several other projects, you always end up with a loss.
  3. Hot tab / Trending possible.
  4. Free contests and prizes.

What do I need to get it?
The most important thing is to have BitShare or an OpenLedger account ready. It doesn't matter where you register as if you registered with OpenLedger. You are also registered with the Exchange Bitshares and vice versa.

Choose your side :)
To make it as easy as possible, the account model is the best. To sign in you only need your account and password. With the wallet model, your wallet is limited to current computers and browsers. Security is amazing but also you can lose your coins very quickly if you are not very skilled at computers.

Please also consider the witness's voice for @black-man people because he is the person who made this platform a more amazing place for small fish like me and you.

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