[Announcement] Please use main.weku.io only

2 years ago


WeKu is a Community as a Service (CaaS) platform. deals.weku.io was intended for a community sharing coupons and discounts information. Overtime, it becomes the main community. To avoid confusion, we created main.weku.io about two months ago. Both URLs point to the same site. We are phasing out deals.weku.io. So, please use main.weku.io for all your future interactions with the community.


WeKu Team

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This is exactly what I thought when I first discovered WeKu 3 months ago.. I seen that half of the posts were about shopping deals. Haha. Thanks for clearing this up.


Same here bro. I actually thought it was a market. Thank God I created an an account.

Thanks for the info


Requesting you to stop upvoting comments

Thank you!

I was wondering why it is named as 'deals.weku.io', I got the answer now. I'll bookmark main.weku.io

This is informative post, thanks

Many thanks for this communication.

Thanks for info

Thanks for the information.

What will happen to the URLs in Google search and links from within postings to other postings? Could they still point at https://deals.weku.io and break when that URL is phased out?


Right now Google doesn't return many Weku results, so now is the better time to so this.


There are ways to move house URL and still keep your Google results.


You are right, I'm remembering that now.

By switching to main.weku.io, will the url deals.weku.io be deleted soon?

Thank you for updates

Got it... Thanks!

Thanks. waiting for next update.

Got it! Thanks for information.

Thanks for the news! A big hug to all the team that makes big weku :)

Thanks for the update.

Thanks for clearing the confusion!

this is very good information, thank you, all of my people continue to grow and become a large community

thanks for information

What happens to all post with the link deals.weku.io is it also phased out........