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3 months ago

Hello folks,
After the successful hardfork that took place yesterday, I have gotten messages from users complaining about the rewards earning that was affected by the system upgrade. I have tried to explain the benefits of yesterday's hardfork to as many users that I could but I think it's high time I do the same on my blog page for those that didn't have the chance to talk to me in person.

Yesterday's Hardfork is known as Hardfork 0.20.0 which is the first Hardfork on WeKu is a necessity which the platform need for a healthy and successful outcome when the time to hit the external market comes.
The platform's reward pool is massive and the token mined is sufficient enough to reach all users after signing up and actively contribute to the quality of the platform.

The benefits of yesterday's hardfork.

  • WeKu is anticipating its token to be valuable with a reasonable price tagged on each of the tokens. With yesterday's Hardfork, the supply of tokens to the public will be managed in order not to hit inflation.
  • The reduction of rewards after the Hardfork will enhance the valuation of the tokens
  • The reduction of rewards is also needed for dumpers who are aiming at gathering as much as they can if the reward still overflows after which they will dump the token after listing This will drop the value of the token significantly.
  • Yesterday's Hardfork also signifies that WeKu is moving closer to success. This is good news to everyone
  • TWith the reduction in the rewards, users will see value in whatever stake they have on WeKu and won't trade it cheaply.

The above, are few benefits of yesterday's Hardfork which in my opinion is the best option the platform needs.

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I hope after this hardfork 0.2.0 the value of token increase ..???


Sure, it will

Really great work
Please build the weku strong


Sure, we will do our best

Really appreciate the first step taken to make weku great.

A good idea to work for my future is more advanced and not just for a moment we publish this time, don't let this time stop in the middle of the road. Really great work @phoenix.

Interesting changes, good to know!

Really good job
And please make my time stronger and stronger in building my time to stay ahead in the future.

Thanks For Creating ValuE To WEKU..

This is absolutely a wonderful decision, I was so worried before now, when I observed that my reward on all my running post has been slash by 60% off, but with this your write-up,I believe it is cool for the healthy weku environment


Thank you for understanding.

With this upgrade am sure we are sealing the correct course. Nice work from the team


Thank you for the vote of confidence.

I was hoping weku hits exchanges before any upgrades/Hardfork...


The hardfork was done because of inflation was about to set in. That doesn't make it less valuable.


Now i understand, few tokens in circulations (rewards inclusive), the lower the dump rate as it enters exchanges!


absulately hardfork well be given better to us

good to know about this... God Bless


Thank you

I know we have a rough date of December for the ICO. But where will the official announcement of the date happen so that we can keep eyes glued? Also, will there be any official channels for pre-purchase? I've read that trying to buy now off market is frowned upon.


Basically, it has frown upon but with the help of the ICO, users will be able to purchase the token



when referal system will end?


That will end anytime soon

Thanks for the info - I am still in test mode and by personality (and due to my job) quite careful and asking a lot questions usually before jump on ships entirely. I think the platform has potential but needs some cleaning and rules in terms of spam as first thing.


The weku-cleaners are taking care of that business.


Great - is there any action users can do to support?


Sure there is.

Proper usage of the platform is a good start.

I always love to read this kind of post because it is give me good feeling about what i did in this platform and it is give me passion and motivation about what i will did and brig to you.


You are welcome

Well post

Seems like it was a sensible step @phoenix, hope it works out. I am still a "test convert" from Steemit, just seeing what is unfolding here.

I still think a LOT of work needs to be done on the pathological self-voters... the people who don't upvote content itself, but then upvote their own "great post" comment to W$10 or more. That sort of thing will NOT build a community!

Hopefully the new moderator team and the weku-cleaners will aggressively go after that. I hope the core Weku team decides to delegate some WP to those working to clean up the site!


The newly appointed WeKu moderators are stopping at nothing to make sure everything goes well.

Looking forward to the growth of weku in the future.




What is Zeal? I'm pretty new here, just trying to learn the ropes and meet new folks!


ZEAL is a community builder that reward quality content and support positivity.

Visit or its discord server on


Followed! Thanks, I'm an artist from Montreal, Canada, and I hope that my work will resonate with people here on Weku!

thanks for new information! Good Luck My friend

Thank you my friend, I agree, this is the best for all.
In fact I was predicting a 60% drop, was I right?
This was necessary, the rate we were going was unsustainable. Bravo!!
WeKu to the moon!! 🚀 The value will rise once we hit market!!


You got it right, good friend. It was 60% drop.

WeKu to the moon!!.

it's very interesting friends !

Even though I’m upset I know there’s much more benefits of being in early and getting more out of it when the coin comes out


Now, you get the point.

This is a great work
Thank you for give us good news 😊

Thank you for the explanation, you got my reWeku ;)

WeKu is anticipating its token to be valuable with a reasonable price tagged on each of the tokens. With yesterday's



As a newbie to weku it is great for you to explain why we needed the hardfork, As someone who is waiting for the token to go on to the exchangers so I can invest makes me feel more confident in this token with knowing why these things need to happen.
I do have a few questions but i will pop into discord an have a chat in there if that is alright?
thanks again @phoenix


I will be expecting you.


Hiya @phoenix when I go to discord it takes me to the steemit discord and a blank screen, is there something that I am doing wrong?
thank you :D

Thank you very much for the information I will give Reweku so that my Hispanic community knows the good news.

We will continue betting on the future of Weku from here to the Moon


Good job.

Muchas gracias por la información , son excelentes noticias, Saludos... ;)

I think most people were surprised by how dramatically the rewards were cut. And by how quickly they were cut. I knew that they would be reduced significantly but I really thought it was going to take at least a couple of weeks while we gradually got used to the process.

Dropping down something like 80% in a day is kind of a frustrating experience.


I understand how you feel. It is but we will have to adapt to it for it is best for the system to grow.

I was scared at first. Thank you for explaining vividly @phoenix.


You are welcome @tasha.

Good to know...and .thanks to your great information to us..😊

Great Work Man ❤❤


Future of social media is weku.

2019 will be the weku year...

Sorry sir Mr. Phoenix, i was invited here and i am just learning the basics of the Blockchain, please what is an Hardfork on weku sir?

Please anyone could help, i won't mind the insults, thanks.


Haha...No one will insult you.

Find me on ZEAL discord server for some know-how by clicking the image below



whats a discord sir? it took me to a page as i clicked on the image...

I was affected too.
Since it is for the benefit of all Its ok

Still hoping for the best for weku!

More power!

Really great worker
Please wake Weku strong, do not forget to me, I want to join your friends TIM friend, I also want to run the same mission as you. good job @phoenix

Thanks for the information. Many people are panic when they find the reward cut to half.
It's nice to explain the Hardfork for us.
❤️ Weku moderator @catwomanteresa love11.gif


Hi teresa, keep the good job.

You can join us on ZEAL by clicking the image below.


...many thanks for the explanation!

I agree with you, this change at the beginning is great and brings benefits, I understand like you, that we are approaching a strong and high value, excellent explanation, greetings

With this update I'm sure you're on the right track. Good teamwork.

thanks for being so visible and transparent about the updates , this just shows that more exciting things are yet to come ❤️


The pleasure is mine

Very Good Step,thank you to share this information with us.

what about all that pre-mined weku in the hundreds of millions?

I can give a list of those accounts (which I am sure you know)

Is WEKU planning to burn that WEKU? Is that somehow the WEKU pool? I'm still scratching my head. I lost over 50 WEKU from the price slash.. yet whales somehow just showed up in a matter of weeks.

I want to build a strong community, but yah.. there are questions.


Some tokens are to return to the miner cos they were gotten wrongly.

How can I join to Zeal community??
Thank you!!


Tell me why it looks like exactly another another site? Why can't make a unique site?


More upgrades are still coming

Please don't get me wrong
am not complaining
and I get that the intent of the HF is all for the good of the platform
I totally agree that limiting the inflation rate would increase its value and that dumping is possible and should be prevented

however ....

I have a few questions that I think would affect getting this ICO in the market
I hope you don't mind if I ask away

  • Isn't it too early to fork the platform cause we're not even on the market yet?
  • How many witnesses conducted the fork? Who are they? Would you please name drop?
  • Was there anything like a consensus voting on whether they agree that it should be forked or not?
  • Did our voting powers get drained and is now recharging or was it not affected cause I noticed that my influence has gone down.
  • Would there be any data source available like steemworld or steemnow here, too, soon? ( I hope it's not too much to ask but we do want to also return the voters upvotes cause that's justice.)
  • Perhaps it would have been better to fork the system when we're at least more than a 100k? or 500k, the better? Cause as for now I don't think the biggest number of followers amount to that.

I hope you reply to my humble queries.
Thank you very much.

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I cant wait for weku to be successful, Great job keep it up :)

Really great work, your post idea is the best hihihihiih....


I am brand new to weku, so am just learning of the hardfork. I am looking around and learning the ropes and look forward to great times! Thank you for having me!

nice post
thanks alot

I hope this first step stay running well.... WeKu is anticipating its token to be valuable with a reasonable price tagged on each of the tokens.

a great work for weku and its community well done

Thanks for sharing it.
Nice post.
Expecting weku to grow more and more in coming days.

It would be great know this time before you do It. So, when will be the next hardfork? Thanks.

great job thank you for doing this!

good informations @phonix

Thank you for your informative post @phoenix. I will follow you. Have upvoted you too :)