Use and importance of information and communication technology in human life.

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The digital technology used to create, store, exchange, communicate, retrieve information, is called information and communication technology. The use of information technology has improved our quality of life. Our life is quick and comfortable. That's why the importance of information in our lives is very much. Through the exchange of information in our personal, social and state life, we can stay safe, live better and avoid danger. Computers, Internet, Television, Radio, Email, Mobile Phone etc. are ICT. Now it is easy to collect, store, extend and exchange data using ICT.
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Data collection, preservation and exchange

1) Information collection - We usually collect information through books, newspapers, television and radio. But now it is very easy to collect information through the internet. Because the internet is a huge network of connecting computers across the world. We can easily get the information we need from our computer or mobile phone using the internet.

However, the first task of collecting data through the Internet is to find the necessary information. We can use search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. to collect data on the Internet. After that, you can search for what you want and benefit from the necessary information.

2. Conservation of information - After searching the information on the Internet, write information, write photos, record videos, and save. We currently use various technologies such as Pen Drive, CD, DVD, Memory Card etc. to save information.

Besides, data can be stored online, from which data is the easiest to find. By doing so, we are easily benefited by using the information stored in our required work.
3) Information exchange - Information and communication technologies are being used as the most effective means for information exchange. Using telephone or mobile phone, we can easily speak to people at any moment.

You can easily send pictures of any important thing or send them to other people. Currently, via SMS and email, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Emo, and the Internet can share information.

The impact of information technology on human life


Information Technology Benefits -

  1. Through information and communication technology, we can do a decent family job.

  2. It can easily send subordinates to any order by the parent in the workplace. A few days ago, the work order that came to an end came to an end.

  3. Due to the modern information system, we can easily do any business related business. Now there is no need to make a business deal in certain places.

  4. With the help of modern information technology, now we can buy clothes and jewellery from the kaccha market online at home. For this, home delivery is available only in order to see things in online shopping sites.

  5. With the help of advanced information technology, we can earn many foreign currencies by outsourcing online. Our national economy is getting stronger in this. Job employment generation and unemployment are declining.

Information Technology Difficulty -


If there are many benefits of information technology, then its difficulties are not less. Such as:

  1. Presently, due to the ICT, information sharing has become so easy that we can take pictures of any moment and send it to others. By doing so, a group of people distorted these images and performed many other evils by earning ransom. In this, we are being harassed. Our social status is diminishing.

  2. Recently, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp App, etc., attracts everybody so many students who are not studying, workplace and everyone's attention. Besides, people are involved in various immoral practices, being cheated. Finally, there are many unfortunate accidents happening.

  3. With the help of advanced mobile technology, people are losing their lives by lifting selfies to keep memories of any moment.

  4. Due to improved information technology, people are becoming accustomed to immoral, untoward lifestyle towards moral education. Because no one can easily accept good things, but it is easily attracted to bad things.

In general, information technology made our journey easier. For example, from our housekeeping work to banking sites, offices, markets, travel tickets, we are doing everything online at home. So, keeping in mind the bad aspects of technology, good aspects should be used to improve our quality of life.

All of them have to be careful and aware of using just a little technology. We all know that there are good aspects of everything, there are bad aspects too. So, look forward to good aspects and help build the country as a digital Bangladesh and enrich the country's economy.

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