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Wonderful Sunday morning here, good day members from all over the world, its your humble gamer on another game review and as always, it promise to be spectacular. Today's game is quite addictive too and I love it.

I am not talking about any other game asides:

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


I hope you will enjoy it.

The story revolves across the "huge Shell", a large offshore smooth-up facility that has been seized via a bunch of terrorists who name themselves the "Sons of Liberty".

They demand a enormous ransom in alternate for the life of the President of the USA and threaten to spoil the ability and create a cataclysmic environmental catastrophe if their demands aren't met.

The motives and identities of many of the antagonists and allies alternate in the course of the path of the sport, because the protagonists discover a global-shaking conspiracy constructed through a robust group referred to as the Patriots.

At the same time the sport obtained popularity of its gameplay, graphics, and its attention to element, critics have been initially divided on the protagonist and the philosophical nature and execution of the sport's storyline, which explores themes equivalent to memetics, social engineering, political conspiracies, censorship, synthetic intelligence, existentialism, postmodernism and publish-reality politics.


The game's popularity has elevated over time and it is considered to be probably the most finest video games ever made, as good as a principal illustration of inventive expression in video games.

The sport has offered over 7 million copies worldwide and scored an natural Metacritic aggregate ranking of 96%, making it one of the most best-rated video games of all time.


stable Snake takes quilt and peeks round a corner within the Tanker chapter metallic equipment strong 2 incorporates the subtitle of "Tactical Espionage action", and lots of the game includes the protagonist sneaking around keeping off being noticeable by using the enemies.

Most major is the wider variety of potential supplied to the participant.

The first-character aiming mode allows for gamers to target distinctive features in the sport, broadly increasing tactical options; guards can also be blinded by way of steam, distracted through a flying piece of fruit or hit in weak spots.

Gamers can walk slowly, allowing them to sneak over noisy floor with out making a sound, or grasp off walkways to slip earlier under guards' ft.

The nook-press move from metal equipment solid, which allowed gamers a sneak peek around the subsequent bend is elevated to enable avid gamers to fireplace from quilt.

other capabilities integrated leaping over and hanging off of railings, opening and hiding in storage lockers, and sneaking up in the back of enemies to keep them at gunpoint for objects and ammunition.

players are capable to shoot out the enemy's radio so they are unable to communicate with others on their group.

The environment also has a larger have an effect on on the stealth gameplay, thinking of reasons such as weather, smell, surroundings, and temperature.

In metal gear stable 2, the enemy guards are given more advanced AI "to hinder an imbalance of vigour," and unlike the customary metallic equipment solid, work in squads.

They call on their radios for a strike group upon seeing the player, then try and flank him and reduce off his break out even as averting the participant's assaults.


On the whole strike teams will raise physique armor and insurrection shields, making them a better hazard.

Although the participant escapes to a hiding position, a workforce will sweep in to determine the area.

The game has a collective enemy AI, where enemy guards work together in squads, can communicate with one one more, and react in a extra sensible method toward the player.

The sport's enemy AI was considered one of the vital first-rate in gaming for many years.

the sport elevated its predecessor's duvet mechanic, with stable Snake or Raiden competent to take quilt at the back of walls or objects and pop out to shoot at enemies, at the same time the increased enemy AI allowed enemies to additionally take duvet from the participant personality.

The enemies will frequently take quilt to name for backup, but throughout fight, they will take quilt then pop out and shoot on the player or blindly throw grenades from behind their cover.

the game facets a laser sight mechanic, where a laser sight helps guide with manually aiming a gun.

Boss battles and set-pieces remain a case of discovering a process that bypasses the defenses of the enemy.

Nevertheless, in a predominant damage from motion recreation specifications, additionally it is viable to clear the entire recreation, including boss fights, with out causing a single deliberate dying, through use of tranquilizer guns, stun grenades, and melee attacks.

important article: record of characters within the metal equipment series.

The protagonist of metallic equipment solid 2 is a young rookie agent named Raiden.

He is supported by means of his commanding officer, the Colonel, and Rosemary, his lady friend. Allies fashioned on the mission comprise Lt.

Junior Grade Iroquois Pliskin, a Navy SEAL of mysterious history who presents his skills of the facility and later published because the claimed terrorist strong Snake; Peter Stillman, a NYPD bomb-disposal educated; Otacon, a computer protection expert; and a cyborg ninja imitating gray Fox's persona, first calling itself Deepthroat, then changing its name to Mr. X.

The antagonists of peace are the Sons of Liberty, a bunch of terrorists who clutch manipulate of the massive Shell Disposal Facility, including anti-terror training unit lifeless telephone, and a Russian mercenary drive.


The lifeless cellphone team members are Vamp, an immortal man exhibiting vampire-like attributes; Fatman, a rotund man with high-quality advantage of bombs; and Fortune, a lady in a position of cheating demise by it sounds as if supernatural approach.

The leader of Sons of Liberty claims to be strong Snake, beforehand declared lifeless after a terrorist attack, later printed to be Solidus Snake, a 3rd clone in "Les Enfants Terribles" undertaking.

assisting the Sons of Liberty are Olga Gurlukovich, commander of a rogue Russian mercenary army, and Revolver Ocelot, a disenfranchised Russian nationalist and former FOXHOUND agent, solid Snake's ancient nemesis, and henchman of Solidus Snake.

Different characters include Emma Emmerich, Otacon's stepsister and a computer whiz-kid; Sergei Gurlukovich, Ocelot's former commanding officer and Olga's father; President James Johnson, held hostage via the Sons of Liberty; and DIA operative Richard Ames.

Liquid Snake returns as he communicates through Ocelot when you consider that his proper hand, sliced through grey Fox within the earlier sport, has been changed with the proper hand of Liquid.

the game additionally facets cameos by using Mei Ling, the communications trained who aided Snake in the first sport, and Johnny Sasaki, the luckless soldier with chronic digestive issues.

the sport opens with a flashback, two years after the Shadow Moses incident within the fashioned steel gear solid.

strong Snake and Otacon, now participants of the non-governmental organization Philanthropy, are investigating the progress of a new steel gear through the U.S. Marine Corps.

Snake arrives on the tanker transporting the weapon in the core of an assault through Russian mercenaries, led by Colonel Gurlukovich, his daughter Olga and Snake's enemy Ocelot, who has transplanted the correct arm of Liquid Snake following the loss of his own in metallic equipment solid.

After Snake knocks Olga unconscious, he sneaks all the way down to the keep so as to document pix of the new metallic gear RAY.

Because the mercenaries take manage below, Ocelot betrays his allies and shoots each Colonel Gurlukovich and the Marine commander.

Simply before Ocelot can commandeer steel gear RAY, Snake emerges and confronts him.

Upon seeing Snake, Ocelot becomes possessed by way of Liquid Snake and escapes with RAY, leaving the ship to sink.

In the aftermath, Snake is blamed for the disaster and is believed to have perished.


The significant Shell smooth-up facility is later developed, ostensibly to help easy the Hudson River after the principal oil spill that came about as a result of the tanker sinking.

Raiden is tasked underneath a reformed FOXHOUND. He has orders to infiltrate the huge Shell to rescue hostages, including the U.S. President, from the terrorist team Sons of Liberty backed up by means of the rogue anti-terror training unit dead cell, who're also threatening to ruin the ability.

All individuals of SEAL group 10 are killed through useless mobilephone members Vamp and Fortune, and the large Shell is patrolled by means of the surviving Russian mercenaries from the Tanker chapter, led now via Olga, who is blind to the extent of Ocelot's betrayal, and believes Snake used to be responsible for her father's homicide.

The remaining individuals of the SEAL assault group, Iroquois Pliskin and Peter Stillman become a member of Raiden to disable explosives planted on the Shell by Stillman's former pupil, Fatman, now a terrorist.

Stillman is killed with the aid of Fatman's booby entice in Shell 2, though he manages to warn Raiden in time, who successfully disables the respective bomb in Shell 1, preventing the sinking of the power.

Raiden then survives an immediate war of words with Fortune and Vamp, and kills Fatman on the heliport.

As Raiden searches for the President, he begins to doubt Pliskin's identity however is of the same opinion to the plan of transporting hostages off the massive Shell with a helicopter.

Nonetheless, they're attacked by using the chief of the Sons of Liberty, who identifies himself as solid Snake.

Pliskin, however, shouts that the person is not Snake, and assists Raiden in heading off the leader when he attacks with a Harrier Jet piloted through Vamp.

The battle ends with the Harrier being shot down, although it is seized by way of the metal apparatus RAY visible in the Tanker chapter, and the 2 terrorists escape.

Pliskin exhibits himself to be the real strong Snake, who, along with Otacon, helps Raiden find the President.

When Raiden finally contacts President Johnson, he's advised that the colossal Shell is a facade to cover a brand new steel gear. Known as Arsenal equipment, it houses a powerful AI called "GW", which is capable of controlling the transmission of digital understanding.

The President additionally claims that the democratic approach is a sham, and the genuine rulers of the USA are a secret organization called the Patriots.

The President then displays the leader of the Sons of Liberty is his predecessor George Sears, a superb clone of colossal Boss often called Solidus Snake, who fell out of the Patriots' want following Shadow Moses and has now long gone rogue with dead mobile to flee the Patriots' manage.

Ocelot kills the President quickly after this revelation. Raiden moves on to disabling Arsenal equipment, going to rescue an engineer, Emma Emmerich.

After combating Vamp, who apparently drowns after being shot, Raiden rescues Emma, who is of the same opinion to support upload an epidemic into the "GW" mainframe.


Nevertheless, the add is halted partway when Emma is attacked with the aid of Vamp. Raiden then defeats Vamp by means of taking pictures him again, even though the injuries Emma suffers prove deadly.

Otacon escapes with the surviving hostages, even as Raiden is captured via Olga when solid Snake seemingly betrays him.

Raiden awakens in a torture chamber the place Solidus Snake displays that he once adopted Raiden, a former little one soldier, as his son for the period of the Liberian civil war and that Raiden is now a Patriot agent.

Solidus then leaves the chamber, and Olga steps in and frees Raiden, telling him that she can also be a Patriot double-agent and that she used to be blackmailed to help Raiden in an effort to safeguard her youngster.

Olga also tells Raiden to seek out stable Snake, who handiest allowed Raiden to be captured so he could reap access to Arsenal equipment.

Whilst Raiden makes his way by way of the bowels of the ability to rendezvous with Snake, his commanding officer, the Colonel, begins to act very inconsistently.

Upon investigation, Otacon exhibits that the "Colonel" is genuinely a assemble of the GW supercomputer and that the partially uploaded virus is starting to wreck its programs.

Raiden receives a name from Rose, whose voice starts to deepen and slow down as the conversation is cut off, however no longer earlier than she exhibits she is pregnant with his baby.

Raiden reunites with Snake and his apparatus, and the 2 then encounter Fortune, who fights Snake while Raiden searches for Solidus.

He is then compelled into a combat with twenty-5 steel apparatus RAY models in Arsenal apparatus.

Olga protects him, before Solidus kills her, and captures Snake and Raiden. Ocelot exhibits that he too is a Patriot agent and that the complete large Shell mission was a carefully coordinated try to reenact the movements of the Shadow Moses incident, for the cause of creating a soldier (Raiden) on par with strong Snake.

Ocelot kills Fortune, before being possessed by means of Liquid again, who announces his plan to search out the Patriots utilizing his host's knowledge and the primary metal apparatus RAY. Snake escapes to pursue Liquid, as Arsenal apparatus goes out of control.

Arsenal crashes into downtown big apple, launching Raiden and Solidus onto the roof of Federal hall national Memorial.

Solidus makes an attempt to kill Raiden, intending to make use of his nanomachines to guide him to the Patriots, do away with them, and kind a nation of "Sons of Liberty".

At this factor, Raiden is contacted by way of AI's of the Colonel and Rosemary, introducing themselves as representatives of the Patriots, who divulge that the true motive of the simulation used to be to see how they would simulate and manipulate human habits to be able to avoid society from dumbing down as a result of trivial information drowning priceless potential and inconvenient truths.

Raiden is compelled to battle Solidus after the Patriots threaten to kill Olga's little one and Rose if he does not cooperate.

After Solidus's defeat, Snake exhibits he planted a tracking device on Liquid's metallic equipment. Snake and Otacon plan to comply with him, rescue Olga's child, and search out the Patriots, whose important points were hidden within the GW computer virus disc.


Raiden is finally reunited with Rose for the anniversary of their first assembly.

In a quick epilogue, Otacon and Snake talk about the decoding of the virus disc, which comprises the personal information on all twelve members of the Patriots' excessive council.

Nevertheless, it's published that all of them within the Wisemen's Committee have been lifeless for approximately one hundred years.

The creator Hideo Kojima's usual design report for the game was once accomplished in January 1999; it was once made publicly to be had several years later and translated into English.

It stated that the game used to be initially going to be called steel apparatus strong III to represent ny's three tallest skyscrapers."

The document outlines new recreation mechanics and facets, comparable to bodies that have got to be hidden, enemies being capable to realize shadows, lights in an subject that may be destroyed to affect enemy vision, sensible enemy AI that depends on squad procedures instead than working in my opinion, and multi-level environments that add an aspect of "vertical anxiety" to the stealth gameplay.

It additionally outlines issues, reminiscent of passing on recollections, environmental disorders, and primarily social themes involving the "digitization of the military," digital simulations, the "digitization of operational planning," the "digitization of daily existence," and the "results of digitization on persona."

The report stated that the "intention of the story" includes "a series of betrayals and surprising reversals, to the point where the participant is unable to tell fact from fiction" that "each personality lies to anybody as soon as," blurring the line between "what is real, and what's myth," and "ironies aimed at the digital society and gaming culture."

the sport's construction funds was $10 million.

Kojima states that when he "heard in regards to the hardware for the playstation 2," he "wanted to try something new.

Up to that factor, all cutscenes had centered extra on small print like facial expressions, but I desired to pay extra concentration to the environment, to see how so much I would trade them in real time."

For steel equipment stable 2, the headquartered protagonist of solid Snake was simplest made playable for the prologue part of the game.

A new protagonist named Raiden would alternative him as the player personality for the essential portion.

The decision to introduce a brand new protagonist came from the suggestion of portraying strong Snake from an additional persona's viewpoint, but additionally to get around the drawback of getting to jot down gameplay tutorials directed at Snake, as Kojima felt that having to provide an explanation for mission procedures and weapon dealing with to a veteran soldier like Snake would've felt unnatural after three video games.


The character of Raiden was created in order to appeal to female gamers after Kojima overheard female debuggers engaged on the primary steel apparatus solid comment that "games like that most effective have ancient guys as protagonists."

Raiden's presence in the sport was once saved a secret prior to unencumber, with preview trailers showing Snake in instances and battles that certainly happened to Raiden within the released sport, reminiscent of a battle against a Harrier on George Washington Bridge and an stumble upon with the brand new Cyborg Ninja throughout the tanker.

in step with Kojima in the documentary metal apparatus Saga Vol. 1, the common plot of the game revolved around nuclear weapon inspections in Iraq and Iran and had strong Snake trying to stop the metallic gear while it was located on an aircraft carrier, in a targeted time limit, whilst seeking to stop Liquid Snake and his group.

Nonetheless, about six months into the project the political quandary in the center East grew to become a main issue and they made up our minds that they might now not make a sport with this kind of plot.

The tanker in the released sport is situated on this usual plot.

MGS2 used to be also meant to reference the unconventional metropolis of Glass, peculiarly within the naming of its characters.

Raiden's help team firstly featured yet another area commander named Colonel Daniel Quinn; Maxine "Max" Work, an Asian girl who saves game knowledge and rates Shakespeare, and William "Doc" Wilson, the creator of GW.

All take their names from key characters in the e-book, and all three would have grew to become out to be AIs. None of those characters survived to the ultimate version, their roles being absorbed by using different characters, namely the "Colonel Campbell" simulation, Rose, and Emma Emmerich.

Peter Stillman, nevertheless, takes his identify from an additional city of Glass personality.

a personality named Chinaman, firstly planned to be incorporated as a villain, used to be later on not noted and his capabilities included in Vamp, namely the capacity to stroll on water and partitions.

Chinaman would have actions modeled after Jet Li and have a physique tattoo of a dragon that would come alive as soon as he dove into the water.


Graphics 9/10
Sound 8.5/10
Gameplay 9.5/10
Controls 9/10
Effect 9/10

Overall Review 9/10


Game size –------------------ 85.69+1GB file

Last update------------------ 11 January 2017

Current version ------------ ******

Number of downloads --- over 2Million

Supported device --------- PC

Developer –----------------- ******

Category -------------------- Action and Adventure



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